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Near Death Experiences?

>I don’t know if you have had a near death experience or if you have lost someone, but if you want a good read, I recommend reading <a href="Heaven is for Real“</a&gt;! This wonderful book on what you can expect when you die and go to heaven. I personally am looking forward to seeing some of the people that I have lost and people that I remember as a child that past away. I am going to include a story or review that someone wrote on this book that I believe describes it the best.

By The Heavy Revy
Who would be blessed by this book? I’d honestly say almost anyone. If you’ve recently lost a loved one or maybe you are a mother who has lost a child to miscarriage. You can find something here that will warm your heart and quite possibly help ease your pain. This book is a sweet, touching, and amazing story. I think you’ll be blessed by it.

Near Death Experiences

Cher says:
Colton tells of sitting in the lap of Jesus and petting Jesus horse. He tells us of John the baptist and Mary, Jesus mother, how people travel in heaven, and who is at the left hand side of the throne, of what he sees on earth while he is in heaven. He tells of sharing time with previous family members who he never met. How “no one in heaven wears glasses and no one is old”. So many precious details about what you will find in heaven and what Jesus wants us to know and why its important. A true blessing to the heart to read.

Now if your not convinced, order the book and check it out! You have nothing to lose! Another read that may interest you is <a href="90 Minutes in Heaven“>

This review is by By Bonnie M. Traylor on 90 minutes in heaven:
Written in straight-forward, simple style without a lot of “religionese,” Don Piper has told the story of his devastating accident, his brief time in heaven and his return to a life full of pain and questions. I read it cover-to-cover in two hours and then loaned out my copy. I would recommend this book to just about anybody — to those with questions about faith, questions about prayer, questions about life and death and pain which we all face to some extent.

His descriptions of heaven are human ones — simple, not overly poetic or grandiose, just those of someone who experienced the indescribable and then tried to describe it. I loved the descriptions of the incredible heavenly music and I get the feeling that vast choirs and heightened senses await us there. And despite the incredible experience, Piper found it too personal, too private, and too intimate to share with anyone for over a year after his accident. I’m so glad he found the courage to do so.

I also love the honesty with which he describes his pain and depression and the inevitable questions that we must face when we have close encounters with the Almighty. The God we meet is often not the one we expected, and while we can’t understand why God does what he does, we can no longer deny this God we don’t understand. And while we hold these two things together, our lives are changed and grace is showered down amid the ruins of what we thought was important to us.

A simply-told story of the greatest mystery of all — you HAVE to read this book!!

Hope you enjoy the books, will look forward to your comments!

If you are interested in purchasing any of these books or would like to read further reviews, click on any of the highlighted portions.

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Budget Cut Blues?

I was just reading a blog from a friend, head on over there and leave a comment if you like! Called Budget Cut Blues, you can find it by following this link.

She had this poem that sure tells what the world is going through today with all the budget cuts on our salaries, the cost of everything else going up. We are all struggling just to make it from pay check to pay check. Even a lot of people that I work with have resorted to giving blood twice a week to supplement there income! Man, I hate needles, I only do that if someone is twisting my arm behind my back. I too am going to start a second job in a month or two here! Kind of hard to put food on the table and pay all those extra’s thats gone up. My electric bill is going up $14.00 a month? I wonder why? Is it trying to keep up with the gas? They don’t have to send those trucks out to my neighborhood, my neighborhood is already established. I stay home more now, if I make a trip out, I plan for it to be to get more than one job done.

Also thought I would mention another way that I am trying to make it, I have a huge house, I don’t really use the downstairs so I have it rented out to 4 different people! They all share the same bathroom. They don’t seem to mind because most of them are going to school to further there education and they save money by living here. I charge them cheap rent and it helps us all out! What ways are you trying to save or to get by. Forget the savings, I passed that point, I just need to pay the regular items! What’s going to change this? Got any suggestions…write your congressman, spend the 44cent stamp and don’t get a reply? What’s your thoughts?

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Need Money?

Yep, thought I would tell you about my luck lately!

You know we’ve had some or should I say a lot of snow here. My internet is still down, my computer went black, lights out and now no computer! I’m typing this at work as we speak. My cell phone which had pictures of the snow that we’ve had, has been stacticly reduced to a cell phone that the battery won’t even charge up anymore. So I had to go to a cell phone that only will let you make telephone calls and another added feature is it has a alarm. Yep, new batteries run around $50.00.

Oh, my pool cover? Yep, it had so much snow on it, it fell in on one side. My dog and I was out there working on Sunday, trying to shovel the snow, not thinking that he would venture out on his own. You know he’s a cocker, oh a old cocker. He’s blind and deaf but I don’t have the heart but to keep him as my best friend as he would keep me. Well, as I was saying I was out there shoveling the snow, heard this crash looked up to see that my dog had fallen into the pool at the deep end, 11 feet down onto a bed of snow! Thank God he didn’t get hurt! I didn’t know how I was going to get him out, because the cover was half way on the pool. Well after me trying to shovel the snow to get to where I could even get anywhere near him, he dug his old paws into the snow and climbed out. He is fine, no broken bones. He was really shook up and relaxed and quit shaking after a little bit. I still have to now get the rest of the snow off the pool tomorrow. By GuM It’s Going To Be 63 degrees, if I don’t get the cover back on, the liner will shrink and I don’t happen to have a few thousands laying around as I have a single income.

Oh, Also forgot to tell you I thought the kitchen pipes where frozen, and the laundry pipes where frozen, because the water in all three sinks keep coming back up to look at me when I keep adding water? So I thought maybe this was also do to the Snow! You know broken Internet, broken cell phone, broken computer, broken cable due to snow, no home telephone because it’s on the same service as the internet,the cable, the telephone. Bundled deals, is this what they mean by don’t put all your eggs in one basket?

Ok, so today I went and bought some Draino, to try and fix the problem, about 4 hours later when I was coming to work, thinking about writing this wonderful article, the water was still staring at me from the sinks! So no washing dishes, I guess if I liked piling up dishes this would be my dream, but it isn’t! Also the Wash Machine doesn’t work, it won’t drain! I had…and I mean…I had to do a load of wash! I ended up letting that wash machine spit out all that water which caused me to have to do three loads of spinning to get water out of towels that ran all over the floor!

Ok so you say..Need Money? What I was wondering how do those eskimo’s do this? No running water? No Static? What? Yep,,,I need a plumber, a new computer, a new cell phone….want..want..want. I personally would probably not keep the plumber, just need his service to take care of whatever is ailing those sinks and laundry room!

Want to send Money? This is not a trick question, nor is it log in here and I will put you on my mailing list so that I can get your money later! Nope I need your money now!

Leave me your money!

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Valentine’s Day! Almost here!

You know these holidays are coming around again. Boy, do they seem to creep up quick. My parents use to say “Boy time flies” and they weren’t kidding.
The older I get the holidays seem to be upon me again before I know it!

Valentine’s Day! Is almost here and I haven’t started shopping or even thinking about the holiday! My thoughts this year is going to be focused on my day who has been going through chemo. I don’t know if he can have chocolate. I know I would like to give him some energy. He said that he just goes from chair to chair! For those of you who have loved ones on chemo you know the deal. They are very tired all the time. I don’t think I’ll buy him some redbull, you know that energy drink that keeps you going for at least 5 hours. I have tried some of those energy drinks and it kind of makes my stomach feel like it’s doing cartwheels all day.

What do you think would be a great Valentine’s Day gift? A song, a prayer or just send my Love? I think Dad’s always or hopefully always knows that you love them. My Dad always knows that I love him, I tell him! I love to remember the good times and the bad times. We have to keep those memories close to our hearts! That is what makes life so special! I had a young lad the other day come over to the house and he wanted to play scrabble, you see we’ve been snowed in for days, except I have a Police force that comes and picks me up to go to work. Other offices and businesses are closed. He called me up and said could I come play scrabble? I said sure why not. You see I look at this as building memories, fun ones! Cause that is what we have, when we look back or forward to good memories.

I Guess I could get him a precious moments figurine? What do you think? Would you get one of these for your dad? If you thought that this was the last time you could celebrate something with someone what would you give?

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Felony Charges?

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Alcoholic? Have one in your home? Continued!


I didn’t have that kind of money! $10,000.00 to get him out. I contacted a bonds person and they stated if I came up with a title to one of my other vehicles and $1,000.00 cash I could get him out. So I gave them the title to my 2000 chevy truck that my mom had given me which had been totaled and the cash. I got to see my son! Wow it was great to see him, he had bruises on his legs, and small cuts but he was in good shape.

Because I had the truck fully insured, the Insurance company stated that I may have to pay additional charges for the individuals who where injured. Two ladies were really badly hurt! One was in critical condition and they didn’t know if she was going to live, she was on a respirator. The other one was also hurt badly and was hospitalized. I knew that if these ladies did not live that my son would be up for Manslaughter!

I got on the telephone to my family members, friends and asked them to start praying for these people. I called the hospitals to find out what there status was. Spoke with a few family members and told them how sorry I was and that I had people praying for there loved ones.

When I bonded my son out we was given a court date. We went to court and it was postponed to another Month, stating that we would need to get an Attorney, also they needed to find out how to charge, according to the well being of the other persons. A week went by and they didn’t know if the one lady was going to make it. Next week after I called to see how she was doing, I was told that she had pulled through and was going to make it. See Miracles do exist! Prayer is a powerful thing!

We retained an Attorney, $14,000.00 dollars later! I had to call all of my retirement accounts and withdraw the money. The Insurance company wanted $600,000.00 per person to pay for the damages for the hospital costs and to there personal beings. I didn’t have that kind of money. I had just raked up enough money for the Attorney. I called all of my family and friends and updated them. Yep I knew I could loose everything I had worked hard for.

My son went to court again, again they postpone the hearing due to not having all the medical records. The Attorney informed us that he may go to jail for a very long time. That he would have felony charges for assault x’s two. My son lost his job, because he was jailed. I talked with his employer who said that he would try and help him when he got out and that he would like to come to the court hearing and testify on his behalf. Wow, that’s really great to have an employer who would stand up for you!

We went to court and my son went to Jail. He plead guilty to the charges and stated that he would never drink and drive again!
Yep, were broke but life goes on. Hopefully for the women that where injured they are fully recovered!

Next post= What Life Has To Offer with Felony Charges! Stay Tuned!

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Alcoholic? Have one in your home?

My youngest son suffers or should I say anyone who knows him suffers from being an alcoholic! Do you have one in your home?

The problems that this can create on a home is a huge burden! If any of you out there have a alcoholic in your family or home, my sympathize goes out to you. I will tell you some of my story.

Two years ago in October, I just got a brand new Silver beautiful Dodge Truck! Wow, I thought it was the greatest! He went to work, I let him use my new truck, as I work various shifts. He went to work, I knew he was suppose to be home around 2:00 a.m. I was a sleep, and I woke up at 3:00 a.m. with a panic in my heart! Where was he? I called him on his cell phone and he told me he was 15 minutes away and would be home. I went back to sleep or should I say I tried to go back to sleep! Now that didn’t happen, no sleep in it for me. I tried his cell phone again, this time no answer, just voice mail! I tried it again a little while later…yep no answer again!

I called the police department around 7:00 a.m. to report that he was missing! They put out a be on the look out for him. I got a call about two hours later that he was in another state in jail. That there was a terrible crash and people were life flighted to the
hospital, one went to a regular hospital with injuries! My son had injuries but as he had been drinking, he was taken right to jail.

Now, If you have ever in your wildest dreams thought this would happen, I had no idea! (Just call me clueless!) I really didn’t know how to go about getting him out of this situation. He wasn’t going to call me, he knew I would be angry! You know that one phone call? Yep, I didn’t get it. He didn’t want to tell me that my new truck was totaled!

I called the jail in the other state to find out what the charges were. They stated $10,000.00 to get him out! My new truck and $10,000.00 dollars. Will I can’t recall if I told you that I am a single parent. My income surely doesn’t permit me to sit aside that much money in a year. That is just a little under what I make in a year here in this state.

Tomorrow the rest of the story as Paul Harvey would say oh, I guess he said “Now for the rest of the story”, will be continued tomorrow!

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Website design! Wow I’m impressed!

If you are interested in eco-friendly cities and are considering moving to a great city, or you just want to look at a website that has a wonderful picture that moves, that keeps your attention. This is what I recommend. This website is so well done, I starred at it for a whole five minutes.

Check this out:

Did you check it out? I love the moving rail, the birds flying overhead the solar panels moving,the sailboat moving, the smoke coming from the chimney, how did you do all that? Wouldn’t you love a website like that? Me too!

I know one of the finest gentlemen that implemented that process. He’s on LinkedIn, he’s wonderful in that he takes peoples skills and turns them into gold! He has a great team that he works with that has all kinds of wonderful skills, and he promotes them by using there different talents. Now, how many bosses do you know that do that?

Most employers just hire you to do a job, but don’t realize your potential! You’ve got to give this guy a heads up for making a person grow and letting them go beyond what they think they are capable of doing! He let’s them take the reigns and go for it. People’s talents are so valuable in what ever area they are in.

I appreciate the person who is the sanitation engineer! I knew this gal, that was a waitress, she would remember people’s birthdays and anniversaries and would bring in flowers just for those special occasions for those people. You have to appreciate people who appreciate people!

Got sidetracked didn’t I. Well check out this website design, I’m impressed! Leave me a comment on what you think!


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Sitting,Sitting,Sitting! What effect is it having on you?

Sitting at computer all day? Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License

How’s life treating you so far in 2011? Did you get a new video game for Christmas? What to watch that new show on TV?
How’s that affecting your life? Just sitting in front of that TV again or sitting for hours playing that new video game? Are you socializing with the TV or the Video Game?

It appears that I am a little contradictory at times, because I love to watch TV and play video games. I am at the beginning of making a new video game. So I guess I sit a lot too! I have been trying to be a little bit (key word little bit) more active, not just sitting all the time, I find as I am get older my bottom is starting to spread! (Kind of like jam on toast) LOL

I found this article from Lasa Knowledge base that says sitting at a computer, television, etc…sitting. You need to get up and move about, so that your skeletal muscles gets some movement! You may get a sore back and neck, tension,stress and eye strain on the ole body from just sitting!

I found that the key issue for myself, is the point they say about getting up and moving about every hour. I just watched a webinar from Frank Kern that lasted for 71 minutes. I enjoyed the webinar, I was waiting for it to end..even though I wanted to learn something that would be of informational value. Every caught yourself sitting for those long periods of time?

I was working a 12 hour shift every weekend at the ole police station. I have to sit for 12 hours! Wow what a long time, I would get to that 10 hour mark and say to myself are WE DONE YET? I have to learn that getting up and moving around is the best medicine.

Also the eyestrain is very important! Blinking, keeping some moisture in the area, like a plant, or just a plate of water if the air is dry, will help out the eyestrain. I think I’ll Blink it’s easier!

Also another keynote is having your desk,computer,mouse all at a comfortable level.

Let me know if you have any great ideas on this subject! If you want to check out some of this information head on over to http://www.lasaknowledgebase they will give you some good tips.

Let me know!

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Reminiscing! You get a bike for Christmas?

I was laying in bed thinking back, you know how we do that! It’s called reminiscing.

When I was a child my parents where like the rest of us, just trying to make ends meet. We lived in Oregon and we were having relatives over for Christmas. They were coming from Missouri and we where all excited. You know as kids you just can’t wait to open up those presents!

My sister and I shared a room. Well my aunt and uncle had 4 girls. We had to share our twin beds with at least two of our cousins . As normal who old sleep?we were telling stories , we had the giggles, we laughed over any silly thing! (You know girls do that!)

Well my Dad and Uncle had to go down to the basement, they wanted us to be a sleep. Well, that wasn’t happening, we were excited, my dad in his frustration came to our room with his belt in hand. He was going to give us a whipping if we didn’t shut up and go to sleep. This made us all very sad. I had the attitude that I didn’t care if Christmas came or not.

They were putting together these bicycles for us! I was truly disappointed to get a bike. I really would have loved a soft, cuddly, baby doll. But that’s how expectations get broken isn’t it. You don”t always get what you want! Maybe you get what you need.

Today is a new day and new days bring excitement!

Bicycle Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License Free a great place to get free photo’s!

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