Posted by: tulip1810 | November 29, 2009

Green Earth..Renewable Energy

We care!  Man it is getting colder outside and my electric bill and gas bill is going to soar!

A few years back I tried out solar panels.  I don’t know if you have ever tried them but I have to tell you from experience they are absolutely a life saver.

I started out by hooking them up to the swimming pool, to heat the pool.  I lived in Oregon at the time and you who live in Portland know who cool it is.  Summer time is limited as far as the hot days go. These solar panels worked out to be a real cost effective way to cut down on paying an additional charge for electricity as well as serving as a dual purpose.  These solar panels heated the water up in the pool, which saved me from having to pay for a heating unit.

I currently live in Missouri and I am going to here in the future get solar panels for this house! It’s called Homemade Energy
Have you tried solar panels? Please let me know, how it worked for you!

Thanks for your input:


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