Posted by: tulip1810 | December 1, 2009

Where You Put Your Feet!

I was thinking about my boys when they were crawling around on the carpet and how I never thought a thing about things being in the carpet.  I would of course vacuum, shampoo the carpets and noticed if it was clean or dirty.

We take alot for granted where we put our feet!  Now I see all the time little babies, picking things up from the floor, sticking it in their mouth like nothing!

We use to use those pacifiers, do they use those anymore?  I  They were always falling on the floor!  Sometimes we just don’t think about our floors. Why should we, we just put our shoes, feet, hands, dog or cat paw prints on them. Leaves from outside come in the house all the time with my shoes what am I going to do about that?  Never thought about this wonderful world below my feet …called carpets or throw rugs until I was looking at replacing a throw rug in my house.

Now do you buy one that is washable? Do you buy one that is really trendy or buy one that is durable!  Good gracious! Where do I want to put my feet?

Well this on-line store has risk free in-home trial!  Ok, will I have to pay for shipping(you know how those in-home trial things go), no read further there ad says free shipping.  Ok I see the rugs. Vary in prices. Now how do I make a decision on which one to choose?  Oh, then I see they are 150% guaranteed satisfaction on every product. How does that figure?

Well this is making my decision to purchase a new rug alot more appealing, except now comes the hard part, do I want a Bamboo rug that you can just hose off and then put back down. Or do I want a College & NFL Rug to make my adult son happy? No…maybe I should pick one of those braided rugs, no shag, no I would like one of those Designer Collection rugs!  Gosh this is so blasted hard!  You know sometimes when the selection is smaller, it does cut down on the choosing!  You know what they say” You know why women have cleaner minds then men?” It’s cause they change them so often!

I do love throw rugs…you can change them more often. Especially during the holidays!  I don’t know….oh they also support that show I usually cry over “Extreme Makeover”!  Don’t you cry over that show!  Gosh, it really goes right to the heart!  I am a firm believer in helping those in need out!  I love that show!

Click here

If you are interested in rugs…which this is where we put our feet, or your feet, or leaves, pacifiers, dog dirt, cat dirt, shall I go on!  Well, maybe I will decide today!

Let me know your thoughts, How do you decide which rug to pick, expect by using the colors which mine is just plain ole off white!  If you are rug shopping, look at that selection!  Again I say Wow! Just call me overwhelmed!  Give me a shout out and let me know!  God Bless have a Good Day!



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