Posted by: tulip1810 | December 3, 2009

My Parents,Your Parents!

Thank God for parents!  Isn’t it great they always Love you know matter what!  I always wondered why my dads hair turned grey so soon!  Where did that time go!  I am so blessed to be in the middle 50’s and still have both of my parents.  I really try and cherish each moment I can talk to them on the telephone and tell them that I truly Love them.  The holidays are such memory makers aren’t they?  Those of you with small children and those of you with adult children. Make the most of the time we never know what tomorrow holds!

I always get to thinking at this time of the year what if I don’t have them next Thanksgiving or Christmas!  For those of you that have lost your parents or loved ones, I can only hurt inside.  I have lost before too!  I lost a husband and a daughter. My husband died at 55 with Bone Cancer (No…he never smoked a day of his life!) My daughter died from crib death.  Ok..enough about me!

What I am really trying to get at is what am I going to get them for Christmas? A single parent, one income, house taxes due, personal taxes due,etc.etc.  You get the picture!

They really don’t need anything. A gift basket? With fruit? With Chocolates? They don’t need automobiles (Thank God diffidently don’t have the income for that!)  Got any great ideas? No don’t send me any ideas on making money on the internet they are not interested in computers that much except to stay in touch.

Ok…I’m ready give me some ideas!!

Thanks for your in put..need fairly soon.

Well, I love my parents…guess they know that If I could send them something I would! LOVE IS THE BEST THING WE HAVE TO GIVE! GUESS WE REALLY DON’T NEED ALL THAT FANCY STUFF! I hope everyone stops what they are doing and takes a deep breath and Thanks God that we have family and friends!




  1. I hope this helps. My human gets many presents from his children every year, but the one he cherishs the most is an annual photo history of the past year. His kids call it, “The year 20XX from Christmas to Christmas – from the Family’s Name.” There are brief captions on each of the photos that make up this scrap book. It’s on his coffee table and seldom makes it through a week without a look through. It takes your time and your love to make it, and after-all that’s what parents want most.

    • Sandy,

      Oh…what a great idea! You know I think I can at least make a photo and send! Your totally awesome! Thanks for replying! Mona

    • Sandy,
      How ya doing today? Thought you might want to take a look at my latest blog! Christmas Ships on the Columbia. Maybe you can get that owner of yours to take you out on that boat again!

      Hope you guys have a great Christmas! Let me know what you think of my blog! Thanks! Mona

  2. I also do photo calendars for all the parents and grandparents in the family, they love it.

    • Dayner,

      Check out my blog on Christmas Ships on the Columbia! This should make you smile after watching,let me know what you think! Have a great day!


  3. yes u are right about parents mine are always there even in the toughest times they always pick me up and guide me to the right direction no matter what it is they always put their hands thru the fire to bring me back on the right track that why i thank god for my parents atleast the care ive seen some parents that they dont even care for their kids i wish everybody had parents like mine even tho that some kids or people dont deserve parents like mine cause some have them but really dont know how to apreciate them well thank god i have mine and if you dont like your parents think about it twice before u blink and they are gone

    work from home now here is the link to my video on how to sorry if you think this is spam but its not just trying to make some money to give back to my parents for so much that they have done for me thanks again for taking the time to read this and visiting my site

    • Eddy,

      Ok, I didn’t get this posted last night! But I got it done today! Get er done…you know what I mean. Hey check out my blog for today because I made an achievement, I downloaded a utube video of Christmas Ships from the Columbia! Let me know what ya think…thanks buddy!


  4. Thank you, I’ll check out your website! Have a Merry Christmas!


  5. My mother made quilts for everyone..Not the fancy takes a year kind with a quilting board..she made them on the sewing machine with patches & squares, then she would knot them ..later in her life she would buy quilt pannels at the fabric store and hand stich around the print on the material. She died in 2004 and we all have one we sleep with. Grandma was burried with one..and mon was burried with one..the christmas before she died we all got a blanket and a stone Angel for our flower gardens. Next christmas maybe you can make your family a crazy quilt or buy them a nice Angel..
    I too lost a 4 months..she was born without one of her valves in her heart..she’d be 38 now..and it still hurts.

    • Oh Connie,

      We have so much in common, My daughter died in 1979, she was 3 months old, I think maybe can’t remember wheather I mentioned the cause of death was crib death! Oh, I am so sorry about your loss! I am blessed as I write this that I still have my mother who is 78. That is why I am in Missouri to take care of her, while I work. She is in the process of loosing her home and in my spare time I am trying to help her move to an apartment. I can’t keep up with her home repairs as well as my own! She is excited to move to an apartment. My daughter’s name was Lisa Marie! Gosh isn’t the world grand! Mona

    • Connie,

      One last thought! Yep…it still hurts! Don’t know that I ever want to forget the memory! But I do have two young grown adult boys who I am thankful that they love me to pieces. I am sorry that I will not be able to spend time with them this Christmas. They live to far away! Ok.. I am sorry you hurt! I understand! Mona

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