Posted by: tulip1810 | December 4, 2009

55 mph Awakening!

When you get older sometimes you forget your age! That’s a good thing if you want to remain young at heart!

I was driving down one of the highways the other day and finally noticed the speed limit! Was surprised to see that it said only 55mph. Most of the freeways around here is 75 mph.

What really hit me was that when I got to thinking about the speed, I also thought by gum that’s how old I am. Kind of like they say”Old as Dirt”. I don’t consider myself old, but guess you wake up one day and there it is.

I was thinking of those letters today, you know in the letter world, mph…mph
that stands for My Poor Hair. Yes, at my young age my hair alot of mornings looks like Phyllis Dillars hair. You can only say you get what you get. I’ll be Mrs. Santa Claus or Ms.Santa Claus come 21 more days but who’s counting! I will probably wake up and everyone of those hairs on my head will have arrived in the exact parking space they should be!

I’m hoping your Holidays are happy and wish all of you a Merry Christmas!




  1. I was double nickles last year.

    • Connie,

      Yep, I am just about done with the double nickel thing! Hard to believe when you see those speed signs that says 55 isn’t it! I will be 56 in February! When’s your birthday? Well we are just about past that 55. Mona

  2. hmm… I like your writing

    Hi friend, i’m indonesian. nice to meet you, if you has time please visit my blog

    see u in my ‘home’


    • Have a Merry Christmas! Mona

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