Posted by: tulip1810 | December 9, 2009

Bail Out! Bail Out!

Gosh! I just spent most of my day getting un Scammed! My spell checker is telling me that’s not a word! I read this article this morning about this lady “Jobs Is working online at home the next gold rush? As seen on ABC,CBS,CNN,MSNBC & USA TODAY! Ok, so I fell for this as Marie’s story is familiar to most of us. (Well, not you sharks, just us minnows!) She lost her job and her husband got laid off due to bad economy, etc etc. To cut to the chase she went to Google Income Library and Google profits and now is very rich!

Ok…as I was telling you..I worked all day today, deleting programs off my computer, making telephone calls canceling my efforts from earlier!

You know…I am not any different than any of you new users in trying to make some extra money. As you know if you are on a single income or have a small income…we all could use a little cash! I would like to buy some stamps just to send out Christmas Cards!

Well I thought for $1.97 for the Google Income Library which is free..contradicting terms here…not free, only when you sign up you will be ending up paying a monthly fee of $39.95 a month after your 8 free days! Ok….I’m thinking when I signed up…go home study this like crazy, try and get this thing a going you have eight days. Well when I went to log into Google Income Library….yep quess what happened!

Yes your right, you get into a site that tells you you’ve been scammed! And sure enough, you end up having to call at least 5 numbers because when you signed up for only $1.97 you also signed up for 4 other programs that will be billing you charges per month!

Then the Google profits they are talking about, takes you to a few other sites that will lead you to Google Adwords. Nothing wrong with Google Adwords, I have used this system before. A good system, it just costs money to pay for advertising your site with them using keywords. It’s a payperclick program. This program advertised using Google Adsense! Google Adsense is a program that allows Google to advertise on your site and if someone clicks on there ad then you would be compensated for this.

Now if you know all this Great! If this system they have works for you, then your pockets are deeper than mine!

I even tried the Obama House Relief program and got all these emails from Attorney offices, saying I would need an Attorney! Now does this make sense to you? I am trying to get help financially not pay an attorney, if I could afford an attorney I would not have gone that route! Yep….Bail Out! Bail Out!!

Are you struggling? Your not alone…I am with you! Thank God…that is what God says to us. Be not afraid I am with you! If you have entered into this zone….let me hear from you! I am tired and need to get some sleep before I go to work.

God Bless You and if you need the numbers to call and cancel I can get them for you!

Looking forward to hearing your stories!




  1. Back in the 1980’s i met a publisher who wanted to put music to my lyrics. It formed a long friendship till this day. I live in Ohio, He lives in California. we never made money or met in person , but we sure had a lot of fun. and i have boxes of tapes and c.d’s to listen to.of songs I wrote that sound real great…when we first met the first thing he told me was never send anyone money for using my lyrics. that there was scammers out there and he told me how he fell for the “stuff envelopes” scam…no one is gonna make you rich placing a add ..

  2. I got into the same deal as you about a month ago. I have spent the whole month trying to get things right again. I wanted to just cancel my card but there is some language in the terms and conditions that say canceling my card is against the law. I ended up getting a lawyer and she told me that it was ok to cancel the card and we even got a few of the charges reversed. Im not out of the woods yet but I am getting there. I hope it worked out ok for you.

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