Posted by: tulip1810 | December 12, 2009

You Gettin Rid of That?

My mom is wonderful…just in case she reads this! I love my family!

But…here comes the but….she saves everything! Ok saving things are good to a point, but every time I come home from her house I llook around my house thinking….what can I get rid of!

She has at least 4 couches….I have two of them. I have two of my own. One is setting in the detached garage I have along with a bunch of stuff that she has stored there! I have a 4 car garage place so there is plenty of room(I only have two vehicles). Ok that is just on the couches. She has at least that I know of 5 tall shelves. 4 China hutches. I don’t think I need to go on.

She is 78, aren’t I blessed! I am, to have my parents is a blessing from God. She is moving from her house into an apartment, now I tell you the apartment is a 3 bedroom apartment. That is the how many bedrooms, she has in her house! That is down sizing.

I have talked to her about down sizing, uncluttering her area and getting rid of her items. Last year it was “I want to leave some items for my grandchildren!” Last summer some of her grandchildren came up from Florida and they went back with a u-haul load. That did not make a very big dent.

I ask her you gettin rid of that? She says,”No I paid for that.” Well, where do I go from here? I am helping her move of course…because I am the only child available to do such chore! My brother lives in Oregon and my sister live in Texas! How convenient! I am really fine with helping her move because if anyone else helped her…she may think that they are stealing from her!

Last week she started taking food items and anything that she could grab by the looks of it. She thought that the people who own the apartment were going in an stealing food!(Forgot to mention she put a heavy duty lock on her cabinet!) She went the next morning and said that she thought some canned food was missing! All I said to myself was how could she tell?

It has been really cold here,guess it’s winter. Got down to 11 degrees,she was still moving things and her house is not on the market(Thank God for that). Her apartment is an additional 100 square feet more than her house. She has all kinds of fake plants, some are very beautiful. Too much is too much! I put together last weekend for her this roll around kitchen island made of stainless steel it took me 6 hours to assemble. We loaded her truck, my truck up and headed to her new apartment. Nice apartment all new appliances, granite counter tops, you get the picture.

Because I work a graveyard shift I am not always available during the day hours. I have the weekends off. She still works. She takes care of an elderly blind woman on the weekends. So the only day off we have together is on Mondays before I go to work.

So the point that I am getting at is when we unloaded the big kitchen island(weighing at least 100 lbs), to her apartment. My jaw nearly dropped to the floor! I had to pick it up rather quickly so that she could not see my expression. Her living room was covered in stuff! Flowers all over the place,everything in utter chaos. Now I know it takes time when your moving!

I was so hoping that she would be able to get rid of somethings.(Take her time, going through and cleaning out) Maybe donate at least 10 coats out of 50. Ok I am over exaggerating. She may only have 20 coats. I tell her “Mom you going to get rid of any of this?” She replies “I may have a yard sale next summer.” Is it summer yet?

You know I donated coats that I don’t wear to the Union Gospel Mission for people who sleep on the streets and don’t have any coats.

What’s the moral of this story? You name it…I think they call it….um..
I Love My Mother! She came from the depression times and she hangs onto things. She would give it to her grandchildren though. The majority of them have homes and families….think they need them?

My question to you….You gettin rid of that?

Have any recommendations for the above? I can clean my house, but I can’t clean someone else’s house.

I am going to mom’s for Christmas at least for a couple hours before I have to go to work. P.S. Hope we can find the couch!

I wish you a Merry Christmas…if you don’t need it…really….get rid of it!

Please leave a commit if you have any and I mean any suggestions! I’m open.

Thanks again…God Bless….Have a Merry Christmas!


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  1. Hey Grandma is a packma!!! But the picture of us is small and Suzanne can’t see you. Also, it was great of you to move to Missouri to help your mama out!!! Suzanne is chilling on the couch with me right now, we’re watching the duchess, and finishing laundry. TTYL 🙂

    • Jas you and Suzanne have a Merry Christmas! Love ya! Mom

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