Posted by: tulip1810 | January 16, 2010

Earth Friendly,Computers,Notebooks,…Go Green!

Looking into different companies that carry earth friendly or go green earth. I found that there is a company that measures the standards of electronic products for desktops,laptop computers, thin clients,workstations and computer monitors. The company is called EPEAT. They rate products based on 23 required environmental performance criterias. They rank companies by using Gold,Silver or Bronze if they comply with environmental practices. The EPEAT is supported by the US-EPA.

The benefits to our world is: They reduce use of toxic materials, including mercury by 1021 metric tons, equal to the weight of 510,949 bricks. And…

They eliminate the use of enough mercury to fill 149,685 household fever thermometers, which precludes the disposal of 43 thousand metric tons of hazardous waste,equivalant to the weight of almost 22 million bricks.

Due to EPEAT’s requirements products meet Energy Star’s energy efficiency specifications these products will consume less energy through out their useful life resulting in: Savings of over 8.39 billion kwh of electricity-enough to power over 700,000 homes a year. Avoidance of 34.2 million metric tons of air emissions (including greenhouse gas emissions) and over 71,000 metric tons of water pollutant emissions.

Get $50 off the Fujitsu M2011 Mini-Notebook and LifeBook P3010 from Fujitsu! Use coupon code MINIPCDISC.“>Fujitsu AmericaI found is a Go Green company which strives to minimize the environmental impact of their products throughout their life cycles. They recognize that protecting the environment is a corporate obligation and essential to doing business.

They offer recycling programs for their products as well as trade-ins. As this impacts our environment they have programs set up so you can upgrade to the latest products and get cash back when you trade in your old computer equipment (any brand)! Including peripherals such as monitors and printers.

Get $50 off the Fujitsu M2011 Mini-Notebook and LifeBook P3010 from Fujitsu! Use coupon code MINIPCDISC.“>Fujitsu America, Inc.offers Free Inkjet Printers and Free Shipping with all orders.

They are the first company in Silicon Valley to install a hydrogene power fuel cell that will save the company a lot of money. Talk about innovative company, that cares about our environment! Through their companies actions they strive to safeguard our rich natural environment for future generations!

Together,all of us we can keep our planet GREEN and clean!

Does a clean environment matter to you? Do you want to purchase a computer or laptop,notebook,thin clients or a workstation desktop or notebooks? You could recycle your old ones? Trade it in on one that works properly?

Let’s make a difference! Your reply would be greatly appreciated!
What do you think?



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