Posted by: tulip1810 | April 3, 2010

Holland bulbs,tulips,daffodils, flowers for spring!

Don’t you just love spring?

My yard has a bunch of new bulbs just poking there heads up! You got to just love this time of the year? What do you think about it, do you have flowers coming up in your yard?

Makes me what to run to Lowe’s and get more…something is wrong with me….I just love flowers! I spend a bunch every year on these wonderful flowers..just to put a smile on my face!

What do you do?

“My oh my” those daffodils,crocus,and tulips are showing there colors which make my heart so happy!

The thing that I find wonderful about tulips, daffodils ,crocus and roses is you plant them once and they live happily ever after!

Thought I would share this tip with you about my daffodils, when they are done blooming, I fold them over, put a rubberband around them, which sends the nutrients back to the bulbs, which generates more bulbs for next year!

Now, my rose bushes….fragrant aroma…oh yeah! I have purple (actually called blue boy) I call it purple, peace roses,red roses, and orange! Don’t you just love it when you cut some and put them on your table to share with the rest of the family? I love to share with my friends, the more you cut the flowers, the happier they are.

A tip to share about the rose bushes! I put old dawn dishwashing soap on them. It keeps the aiphids off. Yep and if you have orange or lemon peels or coffee grounds they love all that. It helps with the acidicity both from the orange and lemon peels as well as the coffee grounds. I don’t think the caffeine bothers them, they seem to sleep just fine at night.

I might be a little lazy….I really love the plants you put in the ground one time and the next year here they come again! Kind of like that song, here you come again.

Hope you enjoyed! God Bless! check out this site if you want to see a couple of pictures from my yard!

Ok…I decided to add one picture, then head on over to See you there!



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