Posted by: tulip1810 | December 3, 2010

Hometown collectibles how Precious are the moments

You know I live in this great state of Missouri, only a few miles from Precious Moments. Now if you haven’t visited the Precious Moments Chapel, or there gardens, you need to start now! They are absolutely wonderful. They also have a wonderful wedding chapel for those of you who are thinking of getting married. Not only that but the Precious moments collectibles are also a great feature when you visit my hometown collectibles. I call it that, because I am so close to there headquarters.

They have every type of characters you can find. The ones that I truly like is the ones of course I can relate to, which are the ones depicting God in our lives. At this particular time of the year, we find that not only does these precious moments figurines add a lot to what is important, but it is a gift that can be shared. You may not be able to visit Precious Moments located in Carthage, Missouri, which I can understand that at this time of the year. But you could take a look at what they do have available, especially if you have that person that you can’t just locate a gift for. They have some wonderful items that you should take a look at.

I’m enclosing a link just below this page, if you need some ideas or you just want to browse around. Take a look, no need to buy anything just have a look and see if that is something you want to keep or pass on to someone else.

I do get a small commission if you happen to purchase something, but it is my hometown collectibles, so go check it out!

May God Richly Bless you this season and the seasons to come. Please leave me a comment.

Precious Moments� Figurines, Collectibles, and Gifts for all Occasions, Shop Now! Click on this picture!



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