Posted by: tulip1810 | January 8, 2011

Sitting,Sitting,Sitting! What effect is it having on you?

Sitting at computer all day? Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License

How’s life treating you so far in 2011? Did you get a new video game for Christmas? What to watch that new show on TV?
How’s that affecting your life? Just sitting in front of that TV again or sitting for hours playing that new video game? Are you socializing with the TV or the Video Game?

It appears that I am a little contradictory at times, because I love to watch TV and play video games. I am at the beginning of making a new video game. So I guess I sit a lot too! I have been trying to be a little bit (key word little bit) more active, not just sitting all the time, I find as I am get older my bottom is starting to spread! (Kind of like jam on toast) LOL

I found this article from Lasa Knowledge base that says sitting at a computer, television, etc…sitting. You need to get up and move about, so that your skeletal muscles gets some movement! You may get a sore back and neck, tension,stress and eye strain on the ole body from just sitting!

I found that the key issue for myself, is the point they say about getting up and moving about every hour. I just watched a webinar from Frank Kern that lasted for 71 minutes. I enjoyed the webinar, I was waiting for it to end..even though I wanted to learn something that would be of informational value. Every caught yourself sitting for those long periods of time?

I was working a 12 hour shift every weekend at the ole police station. I have to sit for 12 hours! Wow what a long time, I would get to that 10 hour mark and say to myself are WE DONE YET? I have to learn that getting up and moving around is the best medicine.

Also the eyestrain is very important! Blinking, keeping some moisture in the area, like a plant, or just a plate of water if the air is dry, will help out the eyestrain. I think I’ll Blink it’s easier!

Also another keynote is having your desk,computer,mouse all at a comfortable level.

Let me know if you have any great ideas on this subject! If you want to check out some of this information head on over to http://www.lasaknowledgebase they will give you some good tips.

Let me know!


  1. as a tall individule I agree with getting and moving at 51 years of age and 6′ 7″ I need to be able to move around my legs and back will spasm.

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