Posted by: tulip1810 | January 9, 2011

Website design! Wow I’m impressed!

If you are interested in eco-friendly cities and are considering moving to a great city, or you just want to look at a website that has a wonderful picture that moves, that keeps your attention. This is what I recommend. This website is so well done, I starred at it for a whole five minutes.

Check this out:

Did you check it out? I love the moving rail, the birds flying overhead the solar panels moving,the sailboat moving, the smoke coming from the chimney, how did you do all that? Wouldn’t you love a website like that? Me too!

I know one of the finest gentlemen that implemented that process. He’s on LinkedIn, he’s wonderful in that he takes peoples skills and turns them into gold! He has a great team that he works with that has all kinds of wonderful skills, and he promotes them by using there different talents. Now, how many bosses do you know that do that?

Most employers just hire you to do a job, but don’t realize your potential! You’ve got to give this guy a heads up for making a person grow and letting them go beyond what they think they are capable of doing! He let’s them take the reigns and go for it. People’s talents are so valuable in what ever area they are in.

I appreciate the person who is the sanitation engineer! I knew this gal, that was a waitress, she would remember people’s birthdays and anniversaries and would bring in flowers just for those special occasions for those people. You have to appreciate people who appreciate people!

Got sidetracked didn’t I. Well check out this website design, I’m impressed! Leave me a comment on what you think!


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