Posted by: tulip1810 | January 23, 2011

Alcoholic? Have one in your home? Continued!


I didn’t have that kind of money! $10,000.00 to get him out. I contacted a bonds person and they stated if I came up with a title to one of my other vehicles and $1,000.00 cash I could get him out. So I gave them the title to my 2000 chevy truck that my mom had given me which had been totaled and the cash. I got to see my son! Wow it was great to see him, he had bruises on his legs, and small cuts but he was in good shape.

Because I had the truck fully insured, the Insurance company stated that I may have to pay additional charges for the individuals who where injured. Two ladies were really badly hurt! One was in critical condition and they didn’t know if she was going to live, she was on a respirator. The other one was also hurt badly and was hospitalized. I knew that if these ladies did not live that my son would be up for Manslaughter!

I got on the telephone to my family members, friends and asked them to start praying for these people. I called the hospitals to find out what there status was. Spoke with a few family members and told them how sorry I was and that I had people praying for there loved ones.

When I bonded my son out we was given a court date. We went to court and it was postponed to another Month, stating that we would need to get an Attorney, also they needed to find out how to charge, according to the well being of the other persons. A week went by and they didn’t know if the one lady was going to make it. Next week after I called to see how she was doing, I was told that she had pulled through and was going to make it. See Miracles do exist! Prayer is a powerful thing!

We retained an Attorney, $14,000.00 dollars later! I had to call all of my retirement accounts and withdraw the money. The Insurance company wanted $600,000.00 per person to pay for the damages for the hospital costs and to there personal beings. I didn’t have that kind of money. I had just raked up enough money for the Attorney. I called all of my family and friends and updated them. Yep I knew I could loose everything I had worked hard for.

My son went to court again, again they postpone the hearing due to not having all the medical records. The Attorney informed us that he may go to jail for a very long time. That he would have felony charges for assault x’s two. My son lost his job, because he was jailed. I talked with his employer who said that he would try and help him when he got out and that he would like to come to the court hearing and testify on his behalf. Wow, that’s really great to have an employer who would stand up for you!

We went to court and my son went to Jail. He plead guilty to the charges and stated that he would never drink and drive again!
Yep, were broke but life goes on. Hopefully for the women that where injured they are fully recovered!

Next post= What Life Has To Offer with Felony Charges! Stay Tuned!

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