Posted by: tulip1810 | February 18, 2011

Need Money?

Yep, thought I would tell you about my luck lately!

You know we’ve had some or should I say a lot of snow here. My internet is still down, my computer went black, lights out and now no computer! I’m typing this at work as we speak. My cell phone which had pictures of the snow that we’ve had, has been stacticly reduced to a cell phone that the battery won’t even charge up anymore. So I had to go to a cell phone that only will let you make telephone calls and another added feature is it has a alarm. Yep, new batteries run around $50.00.

Oh, my pool cover? Yep, it had so much snow on it, it fell in on one side. My dog and I was out there working on Sunday, trying to shovel the snow, not thinking that he would venture out on his own. You know he’s a cocker, oh a old cocker. He’s blind and deaf but I don’t have the heart but to keep him as my best friend as he would keep me. Well, as I was saying I was out there shoveling the snow, heard this crash looked up to see that my dog had fallen into the pool at the deep end, 11 feet down onto a bed of snow! Thank God he didn’t get hurt! I didn’t know how I was going to get him out, because the cover was half way on the pool. Well after me trying to shovel the snow to get to where I could even get anywhere near him, he dug his old paws into the snow and climbed out. He is fine, no broken bones. He was really shook up and relaxed and quit shaking after a little bit. I still have to now get the rest of the snow off the pool tomorrow. By GuM It’s Going To Be 63 degrees, if I don’t get the cover back on, the liner will shrink and I don’t happen to have a few thousands laying around as I have a single income.

Oh, Also forgot to tell you I thought the kitchen pipes where frozen, and the laundry pipes where frozen, because the water in all three sinks keep coming back up to look at me when I keep adding water? So I thought maybe this was also do to the Snow! You know broken Internet, broken cell phone, broken computer, broken cable due to snow, no home telephone because it’s on the same service as the internet,the cable, the telephone. Bundled deals, is this what they mean by don’t put all your eggs in one basket?

Ok, so today I went and bought some Draino, to try and fix the problem, about 4 hours later when I was coming to work, thinking about writing this wonderful article, the water was still staring at me from the sinks! So no washing dishes, I guess if I liked piling up dishes this would be my dream, but it isn’t! Also the Wash Machine doesn’t work, it won’t drain! I had…and I mean…I had to do a load of wash! I ended up letting that wash machine spit out all that water which caused me to have to do three loads of spinning to get water out of towels that ran all over the floor!

Ok so you say..Need Money? What I was wondering how do those eskimo’s do this? No running water? No Static? What? Yep,,,I need a plumber, a new computer, a new cell phone….want..want..want. I personally would probably not keep the plumber, just need his service to take care of whatever is ailing those sinks and laundry room!

Want to send Money? This is not a trick question, nor is it log in here and I will put you on my mailing list so that I can get your money later! Nope I need your money now!

Leave me your money!


  1. Sounds like a Stephen King novel! Hope things calm down soon, and so glad your dog is okay.

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