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Near Death Experiences?

>I don’t know if you have had a near death experience or if you have lost someone, but if you want a good read, I recommend reading <a href="Heaven is for Real“</a&gt;! This wonderful book on what you can expect when you die and go to heaven. I personally am looking forward to seeing some of the people that I have lost and people that I remember as a child that past away. I am going to include a story or review that someone wrote on this book that I believe describes it the best.

By The Heavy Revy
Who would be blessed by this book? I’d honestly say almost anyone. If you’ve recently lost a loved one or maybe you are a mother who has lost a child to miscarriage. You can find something here that will warm your heart and quite possibly help ease your pain. This book is a sweet, touching, and amazing story. I think you’ll be blessed by it.

Near Death Experiences

Cher says:
Colton tells of sitting in the lap of Jesus and petting Jesus horse. He tells us of John the baptist and Mary, Jesus mother, how people travel in heaven, and who is at the left hand side of the throne, of what he sees on earth while he is in heaven. He tells of sharing time with previous family members who he never met. How “no one in heaven wears glasses and no one is old”. So many precious details about what you will find in heaven and what Jesus wants us to know and why its important. A true blessing to the heart to read.

Now if your not convinced, order the book and check it out! You have nothing to lose! Another read that may interest you is <a href="90 Minutes in Heaven“>

This review is by By Bonnie M. Traylor on 90 minutes in heaven:
Written in straight-forward, simple style without a lot of “religionese,” Don Piper has told the story of his devastating accident, his brief time in heaven and his return to a life full of pain and questions. I read it cover-to-cover in two hours and then loaned out my copy. I would recommend this book to just about anybody — to those with questions about faith, questions about prayer, questions about life and death and pain which we all face to some extent.

His descriptions of heaven are human ones — simple, not overly poetic or grandiose, just those of someone who experienced the indescribable and then tried to describe it. I loved the descriptions of the incredible heavenly music and I get the feeling that vast choirs and heightened senses await us there. And despite the incredible experience, Piper found it too personal, too private, and too intimate to share with anyone for over a year after his accident. I’m so glad he found the courage to do so.

I also love the honesty with which he describes his pain and depression and the inevitable questions that we must face when we have close encounters with the Almighty. The God we meet is often not the one we expected, and while we can’t understand why God does what he does, we can no longer deny this God we don’t understand. And while we hold these two things together, our lives are changed and grace is showered down amid the ruins of what we thought was important to us.

A simply-told story of the greatest mystery of all — you HAVE to read this book!!

Hope you enjoy the books, will look forward to your comments!

If you are interested in purchasing any of these books or would like to read further reviews, click on any of the highlighted portions.


  1. I played a silly and dangerous game at 14,with some cousins. I passed out and the next thing i knew I was hovering up around the ceiling,listening to all that was being said. I was totaly aware of all that was going on,and could see my body laying face down and jerking.The next thing iz knew ,I was moving back into my body.I already believed in the afterlife and eternity.[i.e.Heaven and Hell] This only confirmed my beliefs, and helped mr to understand the scripture,’To be absent from the body,is to be present with the Lord’. Good message,Tulip.

    • Cheryl,

      Wow, that’s awesome! Look what we have to look forward too! To be present with the Lord! Thanks for sharing!


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