Christmas Ships on the Columbia!

My most memorable times in my life was when my deceased husband and I use to do Christmas Ships! We lived in Oregon and on the Columbia River we had a boat named the Sea Owl! Every November, around the 1st of the month we would go out and decorate the boat! He belonged to the Coast Guards so he knew how to handle a boat. We decorated that boat for at least two weeks!

The lights would be put around the gunnel in a swooping manner, we had a peace and joy sign that would alternate on relays! We had a ball on the top of this Christmas Tree design and it would twinkle! We had Santa and two reindeer that the reindeer would be prancing alternatively and we had about 10 of these going around the sides!

We worked hard to assure that all the lights were working..most of the time out in the cold..even though we did have a boathouse(not heated). We would take off work and go right to the boat!

After we had this all decorated, we would for two weeks at least take the boat out at night with other boaters and cruise the Columbia River as well as the Willamette River.

We had a big enough galley to cook and have friends over for the evening to have dinner and cruise the river. We sang Christmas Carols and enjoyed the season experiencing the river at night.

If you’ve never experienced this…you need to give it a try! It is the most beautiful thing you can ever imagine. Seeing your lights on the water at night, being with other boaters that have created their own designs just makes it wonderful!

I’m going to see if I can locate a picture to show you! This is a beauty to behold! I will have to see if I can find the picture somewhere. I don’t know who to locate a picture and transfer to this location!

Ok I’m new at this! Well, hope that you can see some pictures or experience this yourself. Have a Merry Christmas! My Memories!


  1. Good luck on finding photos and uploading them to this site. I’m glad you thought highly my choice of Simon Birch as one of my Christmas film recommendations. I think it is Jim Carrey’s best movie, and he only appears at the end, ha. David

    • David,

      Have a Merry Christmas! Talk to you soon! Mona

  2. David,

    I agree completely! That is Jim Carrey’s best movie! lol. I love that movie Simon Birch, I own a copy! I did finally get something uploaded did you see it on the Christmas Ships on the Columbia? Costs me my Christmas funds to achieve it!(Just kidding!) But I could have bought a roll and a/half of Stamps to try and get started on sending these blasted Christmas Cards out! I thought about emailing Christmas Cards, but a little hard for my dad to paste on his wall! lol He loves to show off his cards!

    P.S. Someone emailed me looking for the movie “The Christmas Tree” they only have it in French and would like it in English. You have any recommendations?

    Hope you have a Merry Christmas!


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