I am a single mom. Have two grown adult young men. One lives in San Francisco the other one lives here in Missouri with me.  I am not a grandmother yet….looking forward to being one.  I have 3 dogs, a cocker spaniel named Gizmo, and a Jack Russel named Tater, and a Yorkie who’s name is Sadie.  We are looking forward to the Holidays!  Like all holidays they are a time for family and friends.  I love to fish,hike,blog,go to movies and also to watch movies.  I enjoy being with other people.  I work at a police station as a dispatcher and most of the time enjoy at lot of the people who wonder through the doors. I am trying to make it on a single income…interesting isn’t it.  I am Thankful for what I have.  I enjoy life, I try to see the beauty in everything that the good Lord has given us!  I work graveyard which can most of the time be challenging as I usually am awake while everyone else is sleeping.  My mother lives here in Missouri which is why I am here.  She is 78. My dad lives in Oregon, which is where I have been most of my life!  I love Portland, Oregon.  I still have a home there, which one day I will return.  Most of my friends are in Oregon.  I went to Estacada High School, Portland Community College and Gresham Community College so I have a lot of friends there.  I am making new friends in the town I live in now which is Carl Junction, Missouri.  The transit systems is a little bit lacking.  Good thing I drive.

Well, enough rambling hope you have a great day and God Bless..   Thanks for reading!




  1. Nice to meet you, Mona!

    • Thank You, nice to meet you too! Have a great time in LA! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Give me a shout out anytime and especially when you get back from LA and let me know how it goes!


  2. I bet as a dispatcher you could write an interesting book. Thanks for caring about God’s creation.

    • I Do care about our environment and I appreciate your feed back. Probably could write a book about what goes on in our society, but who wants to be depressed? Not me! Get enough of that! How is your Sunday going? Do you recycle at home or work? Do you think I should have done that blog differently? Thanks again for replying I hope I hear from you. Mona

  3. Hi!

    To be honest with you I just started! I am still working on getting this puppy off the ground. I’ve still got a couple minor things to do yet, but as of this moment I am working on getting traffic. THIS is quite possibly the most difficult part of putting up a website of ANY kind! Unless it’s an adult site then it seems like traffic wouldn’t be too hard to come by. lol
    I’ll tell you what I can do for you, though. There’s a model or two I’m trying to tie in together. If you would like to check them out for yourself then I’d be MORE than happy to send them to you. Just send me a blank email titled something like marketing models to They are easy to follow and make perfectly good sense. However, I will warn you it can be time consuming. Good luck!

  4. Mona – my daughter is looking at Portland State University. She just likes the idea of Portland and so she was looking for something there. We live in Maryland – so that would be SO FAR AWAY!!! We will probably be doing a campus visit in spring. Any words of wisdom? Do you know anything about the school?

    • Sue,
      Smart choice for your daughter! Portland State University is a great college! Taken classes there myself! If she needs a place to stay or any other recommendations let me know…I have some connections that might be helpful. Also places to stay away from. etc…you know the mom stuff. The school has great teachers, a really nice campus. Of course, you know I’m from that area and love it. Kind of different here than in Missouri! Thanks for asking! Mona

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