Have You lost someone?

I love my parents, the thought of losing them is unbearable! How did you do it? My parents are in their late 70’s, and I am not looking forward to the day i get the phone call!

My dad is suppose to come visit me in May and I can’t wait. He lives in Oregon and live here in Missouri. I can tell you my state because I doubt if you come visiting.

I have already lost a husband and a daughter but that doesn’t mean that loosing is easy does it! I can tell you that if it weren’t for my faith in God I or you may not be here to write or read this!

Loss should be a happy time according to the Bible, in that we should rejoice when someone dies. Ok, I can see the rejoicing for the fact that they are going to be going to heaven, but let me be a little selfish here! I am not going to be to happy not to hear there voices or see there smiling faces! Got anything to solve that?


  1. I agree with what you are saying. I lost a dauther 30 years ago…and i hate it when people say “but she’s in a better place” . Be happy for her…etc. I think somewhere along the way someone decided its best to welcome death or something..I’m glad she’s with God,don’t get me wrong, BUT, i morn the time i lost too..
    my mother and father bot died at 60, 1 year and a day apart…its not a easy thing.

  2. Jean/Connetta,
    Thanks, for the reply! I am sorry you lost your parents! How sad is that! We miss those that we love.
    My daughter’s birthday is coming up on the 8th. I have been thinking about her. She would be 35 this year! I like you morn the time of loss! Yeah, that she’s in a better place is a hurtful saying. Because she is with God is a better place. But don’t you always want that person in your life? Well, I’ts sure good hearing from you! I hope your doing well! Thanks for responding! Yours in Christ! Mona

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