Posted by: tulip1810 | January 7, 2010

By Crockey Lost that Shoe?

Every had that wonderful puppy take off with one shoe?

Me too! Also that same puppy ate it, so it was unwearable! Not only one shoe, but left unattended caused utter chaos with anything that was within her range. Kind of reminded me of one of my favorite stories or quotes from Martha S. Nicholson: The Thorn.
This quote is changed a bit to conserve the copyright but I think you’ll get the picture.

“Say, friend, look for no faults with the man who Limps or stumbles along the roadway. Unless you have the shoes he wears or struggled beneath his load.
There may be thorns in his shoes that hurt though you may not see, or if that burden was placed on your back, it might cause you to stumble, too.

Shoe according to the Webster dictionary states that it is a covering for foot(does not say feet, meaning your dog can take one!),but no enclosing the ankle.
Shoe according to the Webster’s Bible (Sandal). There again your dog can still have this one too!
Now the scientific version of shoe according to Webster’s is that short bent pipe part at the foot of a downpipe which diverts the water away from the walls. We common people call them drains.

This is for the Purple Hat Society! Ok for the Men,Women,Girls,Boys no Dogs!
While trying to find replacements, as you can guess..I had to throw out some shoes for obvious reasons stated above. And start shoe shopping all over again! Now, some of you ladies would love this excuse to go shopping. I happen to be one of those ladies that don’t like to walk the mall until I drop! (Sorry sis, just not like you in that way!)

Ok so what did I do! I of course do what most of us women do when we have jobs and a few (a lot) of other tasks, I get on the internet and crews for shoes. Well, I have to tell you I love clogs! Go figure! I found some beautiful Purple shoes whom you ladies that belong to the Red Hat Society should just love, because as you and I know this goes good with Red and Purple.

Check out our Deal of the Week every Tuesday and Thursday at 2pm MST!“>Crocsthey carry casual shoes, nice for walking in those malls. Professional shoes for those doctors or chefs…I like there designs! Children’s footwear, you can get these shoes in all different kinds of colors. Now I found three pairs of shoes in Purple! Did I mention that’s my favorite color?

If you’ve never tried these shoes, they are absolutely wonderful! Not heavy, lightweight so for us who carry those couple of extra pounds it is kind of nice not to have heavy shoes! They are also super gripping, which by the way I could use right now because of so much snow. Oh, I forgot to tell you about there boot’s. They have that warm stuff in them, you know what I’m talking about. That furry,fluffy stuff. Ok, now reading along you have to know that they are odor-resistant. That’s a real plus! Not only that if you go to their Outlet Store, they have great deals going like… Buy One Get One Free! (I think that you get them in pairs…don’t tell my dog, because we are diffiently going to have a long chat when I get these shipped to my house for free!

That’s it for now.. Shop! <a href="http://Check out our Deal of the Week every Tuesday and Thursday at 2pm MST!“>Crocs You’ll be glad you did!

Will send pictures of dog, after are conversation!


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